Review: JULIA by Christiane Jatahy Feb 12, 2016

The performance at On the Boards, JULIA by Christiane Jatahy this weekend is a thought provoking, well considered, contemporary work.  It tackles class, race, sex and all the isms you can think of between them all.  It is done masterfully using the mediums of live theater, film and breaking the fourth wall.  It is a journey through emotions and belief systems of each individual audience member. 


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TLOJ Feb 12, 2016




The room we make for beauty

and which it demands.


All of us, culprits, committed.

The impartial order

in dire straits, mute, we look


back at the reckoning

innocent yet murderous.


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Hey Hey It’s VALENTINES DAY! Feb 5, 2016

A canary, the drama of a Brazilian love-spat, Strindberg, and hints of violence and death. What better way to spend your February 14th than at On the Boards.


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Into the Great Wide Open: My Date With a Stranger for Rabih Mroué's Riding on a Cloud Feb 1, 2016

Bart Ramsey, my date with a stranger for Rabih Mroué's Riding on a Cloud, made a New Year's resolution to more deeply engage with the arts. In the past, he's “been to a few operas and seen the Nutcracker,” but recently, he's been wanting to explore and support more non-mainstream work. “I don't have to live in my insular little bubble,” he tells me. “I've got a lot of anxiety, but I'm ok with being challenged.”


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