NW New Works Festival Artists: Faith Helma May 28, 2015

Faith Helma is a fearless performer, creator, teacher, and theater-maker. She makes solo and ensemble work with Portland's Hand2Mouth Theater, of which she is a co-founder. Helma's NWNW performance delves into the somewhat dubious world of self-help seminars. Get ready to meet a personal trianer for your creative mind!

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If you’re paying attention there’s a counting down. May 9, 2015

If you’re paying attention there’s a counting down.

Are you listening?

There’s only room for a lucky few.

If we are witnessing this, maybe it’s too late.

The situation was worse than we feared.

The warning from our Detroit family is a string of dire truths. Our city is on a similar apocalyptic trajectory, accelerated by the same oppression and greed.

If this is the end times, I’m glad to be in this escape pod with Henry Luke, Brian McGuigan and Dani Terrell.  If we have any possible hope left, let it be fueled by art and poetry and dancing.

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Community Partners of Complex Movements: FEEST Seattle May 6, 2015

FEEST is a weekly youth-run dinner program that engages young people at Evergreen, Chief Sealth, and Nova High Schools on issues of civic and social justice, food security, and cultural expression, and community development. FEEST sets the table for young people to transform the health and equity of their community by gathering around food and working towards systems change.


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Community Partners of Complex Movements: Longhouse Media May 6, 2015

Longhouse Media is an indiginous media arts organization that nutures the expression and development of Native artists, drawing from traditional and modern forms of storytelling, with a special focus on young artists via the Native Youth program. Longhouse Media works in a variety of different forms and with many different communites in the Seattle area and in the virtual realm. 


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Community Partners of Complex Movements: EPIC May 6, 2015

End the Prison Industrial Complex (EPIC) is a community group working to stop the construction of the proposed new youth jail in King County, Washington. EPIC operates with staff support from American Friends Service Committee and includes members of Youth Undoing Institutional Racism, the People’s Institute Northwest and the community at-large.


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