Annie Dorsen master class & LMDA's 'On Collaboration' event | 12pm - 4pm Feb 19, 2013

We are gearing up for the world premiere of A Piece of Work (formerly False Peach) Directed by Annie Dorsen this Thursday, Feb 21 – Feb 24. I hope you can join us at On the Boards, Saturday, Feb 23 for a day of theater/performance conversations & discussions.

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Master Class with Annie Dorsen Feb 15, 2013

Sat, Feb 23 | Noon @ OtB | $12 ($7 with ticket stub)



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Beginner's Guide to A Piece of Work (formerly False Peach) Feb 11, 2013

I'm so excited to see False Peach I could bust.  I hope the following 'beginner's guide' gives you some clues as to how very brilliant, diverse, and awesome Annie Dorsen and her cohort are and how interesting this piece is going to be.  Here goes:

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Seattle Weekly recommends 12 Minutes Max! Feb 7, 2013

It is always great to get some love for 12 Mintues Max. The seven artists selected represent all factes of performance, all are pushing their own limits and they are really putting themselves out there ... bringing tangible play, vulnerability and surprise. Come and join us this weekend at Washington Hall Sunday and Monday - 7PM. 

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Seattle Weekly



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Dads, Deconstruction and Dolly Parton: She She Pop and their Fathers' "Testament" Feb 1, 2013

When I was asked to blog about She She Pop and their Fathers' “Testament” for OtB, I did some very cursory research, saw the words “King Lear,” and was struck with a feeling of vague panic. This seemed like a pretty heady (read: German) show, so I’d better be prepared. Were they going to talk about Brecht? Beckett? Dramaturgy? (Answers: Yes, briefly; Maybe?; and Yes, but there’s significantly more Dolly Parton in “Testament” than theory.)

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Upshag, Downshag, Kick, Cuff, or Box Feb 1, 2013

Look, I don't know if the title of this post truly has anything to do with what I saw last night, but of course it does, because it is something my dad used to say. He'd say it, and then he'd pull our hair.

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She She Wow Feb 1, 2013

Dads and daughters are a loaded subject-- love your dad and you're “daddy's girl,” love him less and you've got “daddy issues,” either way if you've got a pussy, your relationship or non-relationship with your father brands you for life, gets tossed around by bad therapists and brought up by lovers soon to be ex-. 

But fuck that. That's not what this show is about. 

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