What did you think of She She Pop & Their Fathers? Jan 31, 2013

We want to hear what you think about Testament! What did you make of the connection to Shakespeare and the references to King Lear? Did it make you think about your own parents and/or children?

Leave your thoughts in the comments below!


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Love for She She Pop from Minneapolis and Vancouver BC Jan 28, 2013

She She Pop & Their Fathers are in Seattle after two incredibly well received runs at the Walker Art Center and the Push International Performing Arts Festival. Here's a sampling of some reviews:

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Master class with She She Pop: Strange Creatures Jan 25, 2013

Saturday, Feb 2, 2013 | 12 -2pm | Studio Theater
$12 / $7 with ticket stub
Taught by company members Sebastian Bark & Lisa Lucassen

Please RSVP to Sean Ryan at


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Curator's Note: She She Pop & Their Fathers Jan 23, 2013

by Lane Czaplinski

She She Pop and Their Fathers: a performance ensemble from Berlin performing with their actual fathers. When I first heard about this project, my first thought was how could this possibly work? I mean, will the fathers get the whole art/theater/performance thing? And even if they do will they go along with it?

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On Repeat Jan 19, 2013

This last week has been interesting. I'm interning here, for a college term. I'm studying dance at said college. This school year is my first.

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Carved in interplay Jan 18, 2013

One of the things that draws me to Catherine Cabeen's work is its devotion to questions of identity. Perhaps that's because I first saw Catherine's work in 2010, the start of a time of major transitions in my own life that created a surge in my own willingness and desire to address questions of my identity and my core self. Like her lighting, sound design and signature choreographic elements, I consider this a strength that it's been a pleasure to witness the evolution of over the last few years.

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From Thought to Physicality Jan 18, 2013

I was on the bus, thinking about the tension between taking responsibility for a performance vision (as director, or choreographer) and then incarnating it on stage.  How well can a brain, I was asking, handle the two very different tasks: composing a comprehensive stage picture and enacting one element of that picture, from the inside?  I was on my way to see Fire!.

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Online sales down at the moment! Jan 18, 2013

We have a new modem being installed right now, so our online ticket sales are down. Give us a call at 206-217-9888 for tickets!

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