Personifying in Unparalleled Ways Jun 10, 2012

A bunch of friends (evident), get together and build a contraption: A performance piece about love. The tremulous, sweet voices carrying a pure message. The yearning, euphoria and eviscerating tragedy of love. Through song, through the switcheroo of mouths and instruments, through many hands working as one.

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Sneak a peek at weekend one's mainstage Jun 9, 2012

Here's a glimpse at what happened during today's dress rehearsal. Thanks to Tim Summers for the photos!


[Mike Pham]

[Sara Edwards & The People's Grand Opera]

[Kate Wallich & Crew]

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Weekend One Mainstage Showcase is music-heavy and video-heavy--and so good Jun 9, 2012

Hand2Mouth's "Something's Got Ahold of My Heart" features at first a plaid clad ensemble telling and the sweet-tragic narrative of a blessed-by-a-curse love triangle. Voices transpose for other actors and the image of, "where we can just sit and hold each others darkness," really got me--and had my fellow dress-rehearsal attendee checking her mascara for smears. The self-sufficient ensemble moves around their own equipment in plain sight and is even their own band--the piece transforms into something of a rock opera.

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Weekend One Studio Showcase: there were bodies, and then there were animal bodies Jun 9, 2012

It begins with Tahni Holt's "Sunshine" begins with the word "Satisfaction" written in neon pink spray paint on an unfolded box. The piece sets up fluctuating dualities between artificial and natural (are we able to find satisfaction in either?). With his back to us, Robert Tyree's sequin-ey black sweatsuit was a body-size garbage bag and Lucy Yim's recycling bin blue dress a sparkly piece of re-purposed plastic. Kraft paper feather-wings taped to Yim's arms made me think of the paper as skin and her skin as paper.

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Love Affair with the Studio Theater Jun 9, 2012

I left the Northwest New Works studio showcase last night thinking, man, I love the studio theater.  Sitting in the very center of the back row, the familiar black and gray vestibule tucked under the lobby of OtB’s main space held me comfortably within a foray of radically different worlds created by four veteran performing artists.

Many of Seattle's most established choreographers have chosen the studio over OtB's main space in this year's festival.  The urban and cultural development nerd in me wants to theorize about the small space insurgency.

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Sneak a peek at the weekend one studio performances Jun 8, 2012

Tim Summers photographed last night's dress rehearsal for the Studio Theater showcase in weekend one of the festival. Take a gander at what's happening tonight through Sunday:

[Tahni Holt]

[Danny Herter]

[Corrie Befort]

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Preview the festival! Jun 6, 2012

Crosscut has a the downlow on this year's festival. Give it a gander: "When the creative process is the main act"

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FIXED! Tickets are temporarily down Jun 4, 2012

We're experiencing some technical difficulties this morning, but hope to have NW New Works tickets and 12/13 Season subscriptions back online shortly. Check back this afternoon and thanks for your patience in the meantime!

UPDATE - tickets are now working again!

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