somewhere, in the midst of a sum, some parts. May 4, 2012

A woman enters the room, holding a pepper and begins to eat. The act exists somewhere between consuming and being consumed. A pair of eyes invite me in. Juice comes as a drip, a dribble, a stream; consecrating chin, shirt, skirt, floor, space.

It is impossibly red.

Language comes similarly. A drip/dribble/stream/scream. Her voice, ours, mine.

Rules morph and stakes change. I feel betrayed, first by a string of lights, then by a swatch of green, before remembering that in the beginning there were seeds and a stem.


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Emails about Rouge May 4, 2012

Here's a look at what's arrived in my inbox this morning about Julie Andree T.'s Rouge.


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receiving rouge.. a poetic response to Rouge performed by Julie Andrée T. May 4, 2012


receiving rouge


black & white it begins 

white rolls unrolled

on a black floor

stark a star without ambience

radiant off


the lights are submarines

dangling in space

no wings 

white tape winged out

little runways 

not straight


silver wires hung from heaven

kinkless shoots

a horizontal clothesline

a contrail cuts through


she julie arrives ado-less

silver & white almost stark not quite

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Rouge: challenging and compelling May 4, 2012

    As it proceeds, Rouge develops a very strange stuck-in-your-ear quality, like a catchy song. A certain spoken phrase, for sure, will echo in the viewer's head, and possibly cause one to jolt and grin when hearing it spoken out there in the post-show world.


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What did you think of Rouge? May 3, 2012

Love it? Hate it? Are you humming one of the songs?

We want to know what you think about Julie Andrée T.'s Rouge. Leave your thoughts and reactions in the comments!


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Curator's Note - Julie Andrée T. May 3, 2012

When Julie Andrée T. was 19 years-old and going through her “punk phase” she traveled to Vancouver BC for what is apparently a rite of passage for young Canadians. Eventually, she made her way south to Seattle for her first visit to our city. When there wasn’t room for her to sleep at the shelter, the person working the desk let her sleep in his car, which turned out to be way better than sleeping in the shelter the next night.


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BIG thanks to GiveBIG donors! May 3, 2012

Thank you so much to veeryone who donated to OtB yesterday as part of The Seattle Foundation's GiveBIG event! On the Boards raised $20,790!!

Thank you to our fabulous donor who matched OtB GiveBIG donations up to $2,500!

HUGE thank you to our GiveBIG donors who started at 1am and didn't stop until midnight:


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Pamm H. won a pass to our Fubar from our GiveBIG prize drawing! May 2, 2012

Raise a glass to Pamm H! She just won a pass to our Fubar for free drinks for the entire 12/13 season!! 


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Rebecca G. won 2 tickets to Mark Morris' "Back On the Boards" from our GiveBIG prize drawing! May 2, 2012

Congrats to Rebecca G! She just won 2 tickets to Mark Morris Dance Group's Back On the Boards. One of the most highly regarded choreographers in the world returns with his company to OtB - his first home - October 4-6. 


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Annette and Bruce won an Streaming Subscription from our GiveBIG prize drawing! May 2, 2012

Annette and Bruce won our 3rd GiveBIG prize drawing - an Streaming Subscription! 

We have 3 more prize drawings left for our 12/13 season including a year-long pass to our Fubar, 2 tickets to Mark Morris' Back on the Boards, and 1 Complete Series Subscription.

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