Introducing the Performance Prospectus Sep 30, 2010

Definition of PROSPECTUS
1: a preliminary printed statement that describes an enterprise (as a business or publication) and that is distributed to prospective buyers, investors, or participants
2: something (as a statement or situation) that forecasts the course or nature of something
-Merriam-Webster Dictionary

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Badminton Photos - now on flickr Sep 30, 2010

Badminton Royale finalists
[Photo courtesy of Sarah Wilke]

Want to relive all of last Thursday's Badminton Royale action? Missed your chance to see Teen Tix's costumes in action?

Check out the OtB flickr account for pictures of the night.

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Tonight: A Not So Still Life shows at SAM Sep 29, 2010

The documentary about OtB board member Ginny Ruffner is showing tonight at Seattle Art Museum. Here's what SAM says:

A Not So Still Life, co-winner of Seattle International Film Festival Golden Space Needle Audience Choice Award for Best Documentary, peers into the kaleidoscopic mind of Ginny Ruffner, an artist as beloved for her magnanimous spirit as for her evolving “visual thought experiments.”

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In memory: Bruce Wylie Sep 24, 2010

Bruce Wylie, a long-time force in the Seattle performing arts community, died July 2nd of pancreatic cancer. Bruce was a principal performer and co-artistic director of the Seattle Mime Theater from its inception in 1981, a time when Mime was a dynamic force in experimental theatre. As a creator, director and performer, Bruce was involved in the creation of dozens of original works that constantly pushed the boundaries of movement theatre.


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The golden Jack bottle goes to... Sep 24, 2010

...Pottery Northwest - The Kamikaze Birdies! After 4 hours of intense playing by all teams, it came down to ACT (The Central Beating Lab @ ACT) and Pottery Northwest in the final round. Images of the final bracket and all of the games, costumes and Marination Mobile chow coming soon.

Here's who took all the awards:
Best Crowd Cheer | SAM - The Hammering SAM
Most Artistic Playing | Velocity - Volleycity
Hardest Working | Balagan Theatre - Balagan Commando Team

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Badminton Royale - now INSIDE Sep 23, 2010

We have caved to our weakest links (and the puddles that already exist on the courts), and we have moved the tournament inside and away from the rain.

We will now play single elimination games to 21 (rather than 2 out of 3) using 2 courts on our mainstage. Still show up 5 minutes before your scheduled time and we will do our best to keep things as close to schedule as possible.

Please let us know if this changes your plans and can’t attend, please let us know.

 We will still have beer and Marintation Mobile (and team sprit!).

 Go, teams, go!

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Badminton Royale II - updates Sep 21, 2010

We're 2 days away from the kickoff of the no-holds-barred badminton tournament. There have been a few changes to the bracket and the lineup. Check out the finalized bracket and see below for the final lineup of teams.

And remember - we will hit the courts RAIN OR SHINE!

OtB - On the Courts
  Mark Meuter, Paige Davis Crick, Lane Czaplinski
ACT - The Central Beating Lab at ACT

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Sketches by Christian Rizzo Sep 16, 2010

We've talked about Christian Rizzo's proclivity towards visual art and thought we'd share some of his sketches from 2007. Note the bunnyman figure...


Christian Rizzo sketch 1

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Box Office closed Thu, Sep 16 Sep 16, 2010

OtB's Box Office will be closed on Thu, Sep 16, while the staff prepares for The French Project opening. Subscriptions and single tickets will still be available online and the box office will reopen on Fri, Sep 17.


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The French Project at NW Film Forum Sep 15, 2010

OtB staff past and present - including Sara Edwards, Erin Jorgensen and Charles Smith - will be kicking off NW Film Forum's 10/11 Live at the Film Forum Series with a brand new show from the The French Project . What's The French Project? From Erin:

"Imagine Serge Gainsbourg driving a '68 Peugot with Helen Reddy riding shotgun, while Harry Nilsson & Francois Truffaut play poker in the back seat with Boris Vian and Edith Piaf. Now you're starting to get it."


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