...and the Winner is...US! Jan 31, 2011

by Eric Pitsenbarger

Wow, that was a total performance tsunami!

I felt the buzz all day leading up to the evening's final show; re-playing the three audience choices. Rolling around what held interest, what intrigued, what tweaked and pushed the medium. Which piece took leaps, made statements and gave insight...brought us into the work. Which performance grew in clever, successive ways...building upon itself. Which one messed me up...made me itch, was confusing, uncomfortable; which one forced me beyond mere observer towards actual participant? Which piece was entertaining?! What were my criteria, really?

The answer is that each and every piece shown for the A.W.A.R.D show was a winner for me in some capacity, as was the intent. My net for acceptance here has expanded exponentially. The OTB's experience includes not just the trust in what truths the artists expose, which elements coax and jar us, the something to build upon; it goes beyond the work itself. The singular venue of OTB's and the minds that make it's wheels spin provide us with such a comfortable, solid foundation upon which to brandish wild imaginings. The ability to trust ourselves.

The process of experience here is basically: satisfaction guaranteed. The fact that these fleshy, dynamic works are nurtured by way of having a venue dedicated to their exposition is a win/win situation. The splashy, wakadoodie wonder of witnessing a creative explosion in professional, tightly crafted awareness of showmanship has been a transformative and euphoric union.  Alchemy that brings human capacity for endless variety, burnished towards presentation of OTB's caliber gives us a feast of soul enriching experiential creative magic.

With the final evening being rather hijacked by name judges of note, (tongue firmly planted in cheek), I would be very interested to know just how we, the audience voted for the actual 'winner'. tEEth is a powerhouse work and deserves every accolade. Did the audience who initially vote tEEth into final round status have any sway in the tally? Enquiring minds want to know!