And now a few things about Steve Fisk Jan 25, 2012

by Jessica

Believe it or not, you probably know more about Steve Fisk than you might think. His work throughout the music industry is legendary. Check out this list of thiings to note about Steve and see why.

Steve is a legendary composer/producer/engineer. His list of credits includes:
    The Posies
    Steven Jesse Bernstein
    Soul Coughing
    Screaming Trees
    The 360's
    Calvin Johnson
    Wedding Present
    Some Velvet Sidewalk
    Heather Duby
    Damien Jurado
    Beat Happening
    The Geraldine Fibbers
    Boss Hog
    3 Mile Pilot
    Harvey Danger
    Paul Manousos
    The Unibroz

Steve is also a musician in his own right. He founded the band Pigeonhed with Shawn Smith and was a member of Pell Mell. Pigeon he'd is probably best known for their sampling of Prince that was remixed by the LoFi Allstars.

Throughout his career he's done solo releases on labels such as Sub Pop and K Records, often doing what he calls sound collage. Listen to this interview from Some Assembly Required for an introduction to his solo career.

Steve cowrote the soundtrack for much lauded Kurt Cobain documentary, About a Son (2007). This film patches together excerpts from more than 23 hours of interviews with Cobain to creates portrait of the artist. It's available online for streaming if you have Netflix!

Steve has worked and resided throughout the West Coast in many centers of music movements from the past couple of decades: Olympia, Seattle, Ellensburg, and Los Angeles.