And the Badminton Royale champion is... Sep 22, 2009

by Jessica

...POTTERY NORTHWEST! badminton winner [Pottery Northwest holding their golden Jack Daniels trophy, flanked by the silver medalists Seattle Rep. Photo by Karn Junkinsmith] The Award Ribbons, as chosen by the referees went to: Best costume: Artist Trust Best Smack Talk: Giant Magnet Best Crowd Cheer: the Henry Hatchets (Art Gallery) Best Team Spirit: Pacific Northwest Ballecudas (PNB) Most Artistic Playing: UW World Series Team That Tried the Hardest: 4 Cuture and their bloodied shuttlecock Team That Should Stick to the Arts: Spock n’ Rollers (EMP/SFM) Thanks to all the teams for an awesome afternoon/night of fierce badminton action!