An open letter from OtB leadership Jun 2, 2020

Dear Friends,

Our community is in great pain. We continue to support the work of Black Communities, and Black artists, and work towards becoming an inclusive organization, however we acknowledge that there is far more to do.  On the Boards is a space for transformative and critical discourse. Artists’ ideas about racial justice, systemic power, and economic systems have the potential to transform lives, provide succor, and define safe space. On the Boards is also a place for organizing and revolutionizing the way art is made, supported, and viewed. We believe in freedom of expression and honor artistic risk as an essential element of a civil society.

We know that Black people, Black artists, Black arts leaders, and Black arts administrators are experiencing trauma and fatigue. We need to demonstrate action and commitment to anti-racist work in every field and discipline. We have a way to go on this journey, we will make mistakes along the way, but most immediately – here are a few things we’re doing:


  • We encourage On the Boards staff to volunteer, phone bank, or lawfully and safely demonstrate this week, and they will be paid for their time.
  • Individual staff participation in work with the Coalition of Anti-racist Whites, Stand Up for Racial Justice, or other organizations or education programs supporting their personal journey to becoming anti-racist will be compensated by On the Boards.
  • In planning our budget for the upcoming season, are committing to increasing the financial resources required for staff and board racial equity and anti-oppression training, and additionally, will host a training for other white leaders of arts organizations in our community.

We look to our mission and vision for ongoing guidance:

  • We champion racial and social equity, and accountability.
  • We see provocative art as a vehicle to connect people of diverse backgrounds and perspectives.
  • We believe we are successful in our work if we can grow our field, enrich peoples' lives, and contribute to civic and global dialogues.

We invite you to join us in this ongoing work.

With love and compassion,


Betsey Brock              Rachel Cook          Davora Lindner
Executive Director      Artistic Director      Board President