an impure found poem in response to Jomama Jones Oct 23, 2017

by Daemond Arrindell

Jomama Jones

the voice is heard  and felt
and enters  before  the body

the voice haunts while still alive
ooooh ooooh oooh 
in the distance from the ether
it resurrects us 
before the body has come 
into being before us

we  still  anticipating the arrival
and then  it happens
an indigo being  called into being
with a long regal stride 
an echo of Tina Turner  but all their own
walked   strutted   glimmered  rolled onstage

Jomama Jones
all glamour and power  sashay and strut  stomp and smile
welcoming us into 
herspace   herstory  herwonder
Jomama      called us in        and we  leaned  in

and then Jomama       gave us stories
and everything became   blur 
and everything became   clear

how we are inspiration refracted 
into petty   into crazy
how we have forgotten we can travel galaxies
we think the sky has fallen
so we hang our heads in shame

but we long to be sunflowers
we need to open our hearts wider
and welcome the space inside

Jomama told us     to sit and listen
to the flowers and love them
to let go of our mourning
but we keep digging in the past for our greatness
all we will find there is bones

Jomama told us     to breathe
to come undone 
to break so we can build
to build we must break

each of us is made of the dust of a star that has died
for us to live death must visit first
the mirror we see ourselves in need smashing

Jomama told us          to bloom
to risk the love that may undo us
to read the fading light 
to search our goodbyes 
to pass memories into pulsing rivers

to touch first  the night flower
and be  caressed by  the moon’s glow



Daemond Arrindell is a poet, playwright,  performer, and teaching artist who is moved most by art that challenges the status quo.



On the Boards Ambassadors are cultural and civic leaders who bring new voices and perspectives and share our programs with new communities. 

The Ambassador Writers Corps is a team of experienced writers and artists who develop responsive and critical content around On the Boards performances or write about specific issues in our creative and civic community.