AMBASSADOR PROJECT: UnStuck – cultivating collective creation in performance Feb 19, 2014

by Monique

In the spirit of collaboration and inspired by Miguel Gutierrez and the Powerful People’s And lose the name of action March 6 – 9, 2014, On the Boards Ambassador Team 4 invited Seattle’s Blood Ensemble to host a workshop on developing a creative, democratic dialogue for the creation of new work for artists of different genres.

READ ABOUT THE EXPERIENCE as told by OtB Ambassador Brett Love and Blood Ensemble leader Dayo Anderson


All artists and artisans who are interested in exploring performance are welcome. 

Saturday, March 1 | 11am – 4pm | @ OtB | Free
Limit 20 – water and snacks provided

UnStuck is a workshop devoted to inspiring collective creation within artists from different mediums. Culled from Blood Ensemble’s training with Tectonic Theatre Project (Laramie Project, 33 Variations), UnStuck utilizes Moment Work, a platform where artists from all mediums can truly collaborate and facilitate a democratic dialogue in the creation of new work. 

Participating artists will learn a structure for non-linear creation that begins from a non-traditional starting point and mines the collective genius of various artists in different mediums through a method of moment making using various physical, magical and emotional elements. This method encourages participants to actively engage with these elements enfranchising performing artists, writers, directors, designers, and visual artists to collaborate in compelling modes of image work and storytelling that stretches their creative capacity. This workshop will stimulate collaborators to engage in discovery through a single image that resonates with a through line pertinent to any particular project.

Participating artists should bring their own journal and wear comfortable clothes to move in - no jeans, patterns, or bulky clothing.

Blood Ensemble (BE) is an experimental theatre company based in Seattle. Previous shows include Blood/Sailing (created with local heavy metal band Smooth Sailing) and Nevermore, 30 Hours: Don't Grow Up It's a Trap and most recently The Saga of Baba Yaga ( for Ghost Light Theatricals Battle of the Bards). Using Moment Work in conjunction with a background in experimental forms BE strives to give audiences an experience that makes theatre essential.  We want to make this work accessible for all artists. Teaching moment work is like opening a door that most artists have walked by every day of their career and shoving them over the threshold.