Ambassador PROJECT: OtB Lobby Playlists Mar 6, 2014

by Jaycee Coleman


Throughout the two playlists featured in OtB's lobby during the month of March, Sax [who produces under the moniker, Ultra Love Force] “explores lonely worlds, weaving melancholy synth throughout each passage, dotting songs with sparse lyrics, as if to say maybe there isn't much to say at all. Here, he showcases his abilities as a producer, impressing with a distinctive style he calls "groove", characterized by slowly morphing melodies and minimal rhythm sections that stutter and bounce with purposeful laze.”

I’m compelled to bridge the gap between the various disciplines celebrated at On the Boards. During my tenure I hope to expose OtB patrons to sounds and grooves that they otherwise may have never been exposed to.  When I think of dance, movement, and choreography in relation to music [in particular Nu-Jazz, Funk, and Hip-Hop], one name in particular comes to mind, Sax G. Sax G’s music possesses a simplicity and beauty that is reminiscent of the “sweeping” moves that will be showcased at OtB throughout the month of March. | Hear it in the OtB lobby during Miguel Guiterrez and the Powerful People's And lose the name of action. | Hear it in the OtB lobby during zoe | juniper's BeginAgain.

Jaycee Coleman known as KMTK [Kemetik] is a hip-hop beat-smith and budding producer from Seattle, WA.  Raised in the pre-gentrified central district [on 33rd & Cherry to be exact] he’s very in tune with the soul and pulse of “The Town” and loyal to the tenants and traditions established by Seattle hip-hop legends, Ishmael Butler and Tribal Records.