The Amazing Play Sep 13, 2015

by Nora J

by Nora J., 2nd grader

Last night I went to see La Mélancolie des dragons. Most of the time they were just doing stuff like walking around with big bags of air or reading books or just doing stuff. I can do that. I can walk around. I can read a book, too. They’re doing stuff that almost anyone can do. It’s not “Here’s a new ice cream flavor!” You can do a lot of that stuff, too. But it made it really funny.

I really liked the snow machine. The windshield wipers had to keep wiping the snow off, so I don’t know how it looked just on there, but it was pretty cool.

They used the bubble machine twice. The first time, it was just a bubble machine. The second time it was “a mix of water and air.”

The last part was one of my favorites. There were wigs hanging in the trailer, but when they came out to do their bows, the men all took off their wigs.

I liked the skiing a lot because Isabelle was just walking. There wasn’t a hill.

I would really want to see it again. That was great.