Advice on how to experience To Be Determined Sep 16, 2011

by Jessica

We've spent a fair amount of time talking through how best to frame To Be Determined and to guide people through the experience once they get here. But it was 11/12 artist Trimpin who we thought nailed it in this excerpt from Jen Graves' post on Slog today (emphasis ours):

"...At which point I ran into Trimpin. Trimpin is the Macarthur "Genius" Award winner who builds instruments as sculptures. He believes that all music is live, and that recorded music is not music. (It is something more like sculpture or architecture.) I love Trimpin.

I told him I was having a hard time getting my To Be Determined to be either determined or indeterminate, that it was sort of sliding by in unpleasant ways, that it felt too much like the rush of my regular life. (Maybe this is what I was supposed to feel. Life is just life, lemonade is just lemonade, the rest is up to you.) Trimpin told me how to do it.

"You have to keep moving," he said. "You watch something, you go get a drink, you come back and watch something else, you go for another drink or a smoke. It's great. I've been here since the beginning."

Wait: Trimpin, are you part of the art?

"I am not! I paid 15 dollars and I'm glad I did!"

At this moment I began to feel that it was me, not the "event," that was the problem. And in some ways, that's because TBD was designed to be critic-proof. (Aha! SBC one, Graves one.)"

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