A Note From Rachel Cook About 600 HIGHWAYMEN and A THOUSAND WAYS Jan 13, 2021


600 Highwaymen have been on my mind as a curator for a number of years now. At the time we began speaking they were working on The Fever (2017), a performance that is built around the dependence of audience and performers. The question of how do we gather and assemble as a group of artists/performers and audience members is continuously part of the core of their work. I’ve been thinking about what it means to belong, what is the difference between collective gestures and collaborative actions. I am thrilled for On the Boards to be hosting the world premiere of A Thousand Ways. I love the idea of spending the next year, to possible longer engaged in the ideas of communication, distance, and reconnection. 

This piece speaks softly and radically to the current times. In performance movements, gestures, and choreography are part of the artistic and curatorial lens that we make decisions and thinking about artistic practice in communities, what can we learn from these new gesture artists are working from where the audience’s movement is intrinsically and uniquely part of the work?