5 Things to know about zoe | juniper Dec 1, 2011

by Jessica

If you're coming to see zoe | juniper's A Crack in Everything this weekend, here are a few things to note about the company and the performance!

Zoe and Juniper began working together in 2005. Their first appearance as a company was actually on OtB’s stage as part of NW New Works. Since then OtB has helped them to produce 3 full-length works and launch tours around the US.

A Crack in Everything has been in the works for a few years now. The earliest glimpses at the show came in the form of photos by Juniper Shuey that carry some imagery that you’ll see onstage in the performance:

Part of that imagery that’s important in ACIE is the red string. Scofield discussed the initial inspiration for this in a feature written by Debra Cash:

Zoe Scofield's red thread is an ambiguous, multipurpose metaphor implying capture and journey. That long, red line also expresses a certain kind of somatic sense: Scofield says that at the McDowell Colony, she found herself having back problems and felt "like I wanted to pull my spine out of my mouth."

Read more in Cracking the Mystery

The inspiration the company takes from that gap between cause and effect originally came from a car accident Scofield experienced when she was 16. She commented to the Times Union that:

In my mind, everything was completely silent but totally illuminated, and I couldn't believe how long it was taking," Scofield recalled recently. "For my dad, it was pitch black, and all he heard was noise. Space and time were completely subverted."

Read more about that in zoe | juniper dance explores A Crack in Everything at Jacob’s Pillow

ACIE also exists as a visual art installation. The company first did this at Portland Institute of Contemporary Arts TBA Festival and in early 2012 the company will bring the final installation, a combination of projections, set and more, to DiverseWorks in Houston, TX. See images from the installation at TBA.

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