5 things to know about tEEth Feb 28, 2012

by Jessica

We're only a few short days away from opening the newest work by tEEth. Get reacquainted with the company with these 5things to note:

The name tEEth is partially inspired by the mouth as the gateway for the body. Read more about how this came about and their last work, Home Made, in this interview from the SunBreak.

Angelle and Phillip often use long, multihour improvisations to help begin exploring ideas for their works. For Make/Believe this led to more than 3 hours worth of material which they whittled down to 65 minutes. Some of the things that they tried out along the way: writing down their fantasies, creating a synchronized swimming parade, screaming marathons and post-rehearsal dance parties.

A huge influence on the creation of Make/Believe? Rihanna.

tEEth was the winner of the 2011 The A.W.A.R.D. Show!. They used the funds from that to make this very piece. Make/Believe was also a commission of both OtB and White Bird, one of our peers in Portland.

Since beginning to create work together in 2006, Angelle and Phillip have been responsible for a number of short and full-length pieces. Take a tour of their past works, with photos, videos and sound, on their site.