2014 Festival Artists: Erin Pike Jun 11, 2014

by Erin

Local artist Erin Pike teams up with writer Courtney Meaker and director Katherine Karaus to create that'swhatshesaid, a performance compiled of only the female dialogue from the most-produced plays of 2013-2014.

  • Erin Pike is a theater/performance artist whose original work as been seen at Bryan Ohno Gallery, NEPO5K, and the 2012 NW New Works Festival. She's worked with a ton of organizations around Seattle, including Annex Theatre, Macha Monkey Productions, Washington Ensemble Theatre, and the 14/48 Festival. See what Erin is up to at her website.
  • Courtney Meaker is a self-described playwright, theatremaker, and drinker of whiskey. Her work has been seen at lots of venues all over Seattle. Read some of her work and catch up with her projects at her website.
  • Katherine Karaus is Company Manager at Annex Theatre. She's directed plays for Annex and Live Girls!, among others. Look for her on stage this summer in Scotto Moore's Balconies, at Annex.