2014 Festival Artists: Crying (Pennington + Bischoff + Reker) May 30, 2014

by Erin

Zac Pennington is the founder and creative director for the musical group Parenthetical Girls, with whom he’s spent the last decade charting a strange and singular path through the arteries of independent pop music. Having self-released four critically acclaimed full-length albums and countless other releases via his own Slender Means Society imprint, Pennington’s work has been performed at numerous international arts and music festivals, including the Donaufestival (Vienna), Primavera Sound (Barcelona), Intersecciones (Spain), PuSh Festival (Vancouver, B.C.), Bumbershoot (Seattle), and PICA’s Time-Based Arts Festival (Portland).

Called a “pop polymath” (The New York Times) and a “Seattle phenom” (The New Yorker), Jherek Bischoff is equal parts composer, producer and performer. In his 30-odd years, he has played in countless bands and musical configurations, including Xiu Xiu, The Degenerate Art Ensemble, The Dead Science, and Amanda Palmer’s Grand Theft Orchestra.

Steven Reker is a New York-based musician, choreographer, and the creative force behind the musical performance group People Get Ready. After relocating from Arizona to New York City, Reker found work as a dancer and guitarist on David Byrne’s 2008-09 tour, as a composer in Yasuko Yokoshi’s recent dance work, and as a choreographer for Miranda July’s film The Future.

Watch a Parenthetical Girls video:

Watch a video with Jherek Bischoff & David Byrne: