16/17 Seaon Artist Markeith Wiley on Psychic Radio Star Nov 5, 2016

by Erin

Artist Markeith Wiley was kind enough to let us post his post-Psychic Radio Star thoughts:

Psychic Radio Star or why my left brain had to separate itself from my right brain.

Left brain was like, where did you get that ladder, I know that shadow is a projection, I know this breathing is going to evolve into something that will collapse in on itself in such a beautiful way.

Right brain was left dreaming, watching EZ's (Ezra) body extend from this highest point to his mouth. Making his movements bigger than I've ever seen.

It's sexy when dancers can be still AF!
Gave me time to laugh when no one else was because magic.
Gave me time to see how the rest of the audience members were receiving this gift.

A giant surprise that I won't speak of. No spoilers. Light leaking, mirror images I think? Vanish thru the glistening cracks.

And then I woke up.

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