#100 from Outer Space (Split Bill) Mar 30, 2007

by Tania Kupczak

For the past two weeks or so, I've been watching the counter on our blog, eagerly awaiting the 100th post, that first milestone in a new blog's life. It's true that we've been actually blogging for several seasons now, but this season's new format feels like another beginning. I have secretly been hoping that I would have the chance to write that nominal 100th post, but didn't want to orchestrate a reason just for my own geeky satisfaction. Luckily, after watching the Split Bill show last night, I have a really amazing reason to post. This show is total awesomeness. As the two performances, Day Helesic's SURGE and Crystal Pite's Farther Out, unfolded, sheer delight in the precision of the work overtook me. The dancers' insane abilities to articulate and isolate their movements blew me away. The questions began rolling around in my brain. Why did it feel like I was seeing something new? What was it about the movements that struck me as so alien or foreign? Was it something particularly Canadian? What is regional dance identity and does it transgress the political border or is there some other cultural barrier? Last night I had strange dreams, full of hypontic machine gears, shadows from Whitney Strieber's Communion, and a haunting tapdance from some other galaxy. I woke up with a lingering question, borne of a restless night and a little too much champagne. What does "jazz hands" mean to a three-fingered alien? Posted by Tania