“Germinal” is Cerebral Celebration of Discovery and Empathy Sep 27, 2014

by Vanguard Seattle

"Germinal at On the Boards could be described as 'an acclaimed French play that humorously addresses ontological and epistemological concepts—and teleology—with a minimalist set.' In the parlance of the play itself, it might also be described as 'not poc poc.' In the future, I will simply say it is one of the most refreshing, exuberant and clever explorations of human consciousness I have ever seen on the stage.

Germinal’s absurdly sweet—and largely visual—narrative uses every tool at its disposal in the theatre. Its opening jest uses the house lights themselves to let the audience know a playful omniscience is in control, before plunging into a silent void that begins a journey of discovery and reconciliation. There is no spoken dialog for the first thirty minutes or so, but the room was still full of laughter. By the end of the 90-minute performance, the stage itself has been excavated, with surprises literally popping through the floor boards."

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